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Mike Boumansour (Switzerland 2019)

“An adventure of a lifetime with jaw-dropping beauty and a tour group with lots of lasting friendships.”

Betsy Savery (Switzerland 2019)

“The Switzerland trip in September 2019 was absolutely the trip of a lifetime. I went to Switzerland with Hawley and Jill about 3 years ago and both trips were incredible. Hawley and Jill prepared, organized, and accompanied us on this adventure with much love and caring. They attended to our every need on the trip and were constantly endeavoring to anticipate ways to please us and keep us comfortable. My partner on this trip, Mike Boumansour, delighted in telling everyone that this trip was “the best trip he has ever been on”. We both were sad to return home after the wonderful two weeks of exploring a most gracious and beautiful country.”

Greg & Becky Martinelli (Switzerland 2019)

“This adventure was amazing! It met every bit of our expectations. We were very impressed with how well Hawley and Jill managed everything for such a large group. They were extremely thoughtful in putting together accommodations with respect to lodging, excursions, meals, as well as tips on things to see and do. The Adventure app is extremely helpful! “It’s on the app”:)”

Randy & Christi Cunningham (Switzerland 2019)

“Christi and I did more on this trip than any other vacation that I can think of. The Country was Beautiful! We really enjoyed our Hosts and much they took care of us, and shared in our fun! We went Parasailing over Zermatt, Mountain Biking in St Moritz and the Whitepods, and hiking in the mountains with some of the most Beautiful Landscapes imaginable. The food was excellent, the hotel accommodations were first class with some of the best views ever. It was perfect for a couple retreat. Epic Vacation!”

Al Savery & Pam Murphy (Italy 2019)

“Pam and I had a great time. The places we visited provided great in-site to past and present Italy. If on our own, we would not known enough to select some of the places we visited/stayed. The hotels were excellent as were the restaurants. The organization of the tour and our group provided by Hawley and Jill was superb. Because the number of people in our group was not excessive, we were able to get to know them and made new friends (and reacquainted with people we met on a previous tour). We will definitely consider future MacLean Adventure tours.”

Joe & Teresa Chavez (Italy 2019)

“Awesome! We would absolutely do it again. Our travel companions were wonderful. Organization and accommodations, transfers were great. We loved that the days started at a more leisurely pace. The tour guides in Florence and Venice were wonderful. We felt like we learned a tremendous amount.”

Group of people touring Train Mountain in Oregonn

Mike Boumansour (Train Mountain)

“Fun and Interesting! The Train Mountain trip affords a novel opportunity to soak-it-in with train hobbyists in a beautiful setting.The trip was a blast and I learned a lot about the hobby and trains from all over the country. Well organized by MacLean Adventures, it was a treat!”

Tourist Man next to trains at The Northern Nevada Railway Museum

Thom Williamson (Ely,NV)

“After a 6 hour bus trip on the loneliest highway in America, only Maclean Adventures makes sure you are smiling when you finally get to your adventure destination, The Northern Nevada Railway Museum. Well done Hawley & Jill.”

Group of people touring Train Mountain in Oregonn

Tom & Lisa Hill (Train Mountain)

“We had such a fantastic time on our Train Mountain Adventure, that we signed up for our next big Adventure of a Lifetime, China and Tibet! We have known the MacLean family for over 40 years and would recommend MacLean Adventures to anyone that loves to travel.”

Man next to railroad track at The Northern Nevada Railway Museum

Bob Hansen (Ely,NV)

“Two Thumbs Up for Nevada Northern and Maclean Adventures. Truly a trip of a life time.”

Couple enjoying their Vacation in Switzerland

Susan & Jack Walston (Switzerland)

“A truly memorable trip. Thanks for all you do, Hawley and Jill.”

Couple Touring The Northern Nevada Railway Museum

Cheryl & JT Marcell (Ely, NV)

“Our trip with MacLean Adventures was fantastic! Every detail was carefully crafted to ensure we were taken care of every step of the way. There are no better hosts than Jill and Hawley and we will be traveling again with them very soon!”

Women in overalls next to railroad train at The Northen Nevada Railway Museum The Ely Route

Emily Masuko (Ely, NV)

“Who knew riding a train could be so fashionable?!? An adventure in the most unexpected places!”

Teresa & Joe Chavez (Switzerland)

“Best trip ever! Switzerland is magical.”

Couple enjotying their Vacation In Switzerland

Kendall & Emily Masuko (Switzerland)

“Emily and I cannot thank you enough for our trip to Switzerland and Italy. You are the best tour “Hosts”! We will never forget all of the amazing offbeat places you shared with us from your own trips over the years. Many places we would have never gone to or found on our own. The memories we have from the dinner at L’onde and meeting Jerome Ake Beda, the private dinner and tour with Christophe Abbet at his home and winery, and staying at the Whitepods were some of our favorites.”

Barbara & Bob Morrey (Switzerland)

“Us enjoying a day on our wonderful Swiss Rail Adventure with a great group of people.”


Thom Williamson (Ely, NV)

“Just because one adventure is over there is always another adventure, all you need is a MacLean Adventures”

Kathy Breckenridge (Switzerland)

“Mother and daughter enjoying our sledding trip in beautiful Switzerland. Trip of a lifetime.”


Danny Hamblen (St. Anton)

“We spend our whole lives searching for powder, when the real treasure is the friendships we make along the way.”


Becca Sigal (St. Anton)

“These adventure trips can not be topped!! Between the views, the packed itineraries, the perfectly planned meals… Hawley and MacLean Adventures always go above and beyond. Counting down the minutes until the next one!”


Larry Barber & Cody Hamm (Alta, UT)

“We had a great trip. All went better than planned. We had a wonderful and memorable Grandfather/Grandson Experience. Many Thanks Hawley and Jill.”


David Morris (France)

“Possibly the most outstanding moment of my ski career spanning over 50 years of skiing. I don’t want to say just how anxious I was climbing down the very, very steep zigzag trail located behind me, with my crampons on (see those little dots?). Fabulous day, just stunning in all ways and skiing a French glacier is something few get to do and the folks at Maclean adventures know how to do it, in style.”


Alyson Beden (St. Anton)

“The best part about going on a MacLean Adventure trip is the beautiful sites that you get to see from the moment you wake up in the morning. Skiing in Europe was an amazing experience, so many great sites and awesome food choices!”


Jim Murphy (Switzerland)

“It’s not just about the skiing. Exquisite dinners with new friends are a part of the package too!”


Steve & Paula Brault (Switzerland)

“A fine dinner with friends at the end of a fantastic ski trip to Zermatt!”


Lynn & Debi Kinder (Japan)

“MacLean Adventures has taken us to many countries where we have enjoyed fine dining, awesome sightseeing, spectacular skiing, and a carefree constantly moving, adventurous vacation. We have made great friends and enjoyed ourselves so much that we will be taking our 15 year old to Austria in 2018. We are looking forward to another carefree adventure-filled vacation where all the planning is taken care of for us. ”


Ota Zambrano (Switzerland)

“It’s not just about the skiing. Exquisite dinners with new friends are a part of the package too!”


Tracy Murphy (Italy)

“An amazing trip to the Dolomites in Italy, all planned by MacLean Adventures. Making memories with my son, Jett.”


Colin Cuff (Alta, UT)

“I had a great time. I would love to do it again!”


Catherine Reichenberg (Alta, UT)

“We really enjoyed our family ski trip to Alta with the MacLeans. The on-mountain hotel made our ski days with our young son easy and convenient. It was especially nice to end the day with a leisurely dinner and a glass of wine with friends and family with a view of the hill while the kids played in the game room. We would definitely recommend this trip for families!”


Betsy Savery (Switzerland)

“MacLean Adventures created an incredible itinerary, including visits to so many majestic areas of beautiful Switzerland, breathtaking panoramic views, ideal accommodations, fabulous food, and wonderful experiences that will linger for a lifetime. Our stay in the white pods and Jung Frau Joch were the highlights for me. The most unique aspects of the trip were MacLean Adventures’ extreme efficiency in planning our days and all of the pampering given us by them.”


Bettina & Nicole Fulford (France)

“From running off the ledge of a huge mountain strapped to another person to parachute floating over Zermatt, to sledging (sledding) trails with 2 dozen people, to sleeping in igloos and snowshoeing under the Matterhorn and stars at midnight, to skiing from Zermatt, Switzerland to Italy for lunch for the afternoon… c’mon really this is crazy right!!! What else can I say… Hawley’s adventures are so memorable! To top it off Hawley documents trip with photography shown throughout the trip.”


Sonia Sexton (France)

“Amazing adventure! Incredible memories with my kids along with new and old friends!”


John Forrest (Switzerland)

“The most memorable days I have spent on skis have been with Hawley.”


Keri Cassinelli (Switzerland)

“All adventures are fun! However, they can fall short of feeling you actually know the place when you leave. MacLean’s trips leave you feeling like you grew up wherever you go and never wanting to leave. Peter Pan would be proud!!!”


Jim Kaplan (British Columbia)

“The trips are always fun with a great group of people.  Hawley’s trips always have, fantastic locations, spectacular accommodations, and amazing meals!  What a great deal for your travel dollar!  Oh, and don’t forget great powder.”


Randy Iwasiuk

“La dolce Vita! Break bread with someone and get to know them.  The food will be  amazing, the people exquisite, and the places MacLean Adventure will take you will be outstanding!”


Mark Evans (British Columbia)

“Cat skiing the backcountry fulfills my passion for adventure.  Hope to partake in one of your adventures again soon!”

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